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Welcome to india meme's Privacy policy page 

In this blog we just share our memes made by our respective team.

Can you share these memes ???

yes sometime this question definitely comes to your mind when you download a meme through google or facebook or any respective social media platform but here your answer you are free to share these meme to you family and friends without any hesitation.

Is there any copyright ours on you if you use these meme ???

There are some question comes in your mind and it is one of them , so here you guys are free you can share them because we believe in sharing is caring .

why watermark on our memes??

It is necessary for us because it took a lot of time to make a meme which brings smile on your face and there are people who are just waiting that when other people will make meme and they will get a meme so that they can share while applying just a watermark on it , that's why guys we apply watermark on our memes.

what if you want a meme without watermark?? 

If you like a meme or you don't want a watermark on that meme then you just mail us we will definitely share that meme with you without a watermark.

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