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Best Free Ananya pandey meme || mene bahut struggle kiya hai ||

Ananya Pandey Meme || Mene bahut struggle kiya hai

Hello friends ! As Ananya Pandey memes are trending now  and , if you are finding the best Ananya Pandey memes trending now or you want to see mene boht struggle kiya hai memes , this is the perfect place you have come . This is our official website as indiameme . Here you can find the best memes trending now .

In this page , you are going to find the best Ananya Pandey memes.

Why Ananya Pandey memes are trending in india ?

In a recent show , Anandya pandey memes are trending because she said " it is not easy as people say it is , mene boht struggle kiya hai " . And that is the reason people are getting humorous about it and making memes on it .

Below, These were the hashtags that were using and trending right now in india


And these are the things you get laughed about .Here are some special trendings best memes you will see nowhere about Ananya Pandey memes as mene boht struggle kiya hai .

Enjoy the show.

Ananya pandey Meme 
This meme describing about the people who downloaded the porn video on 2g network , those were the days man ,that was insane , lmao !! ...


This meme says about the condition of engineering students when they clear all the subjects without getting backlog in any subject . And this is real struggle about anything . Insane ....   


This meme is the mixture of ananya pandey and amit shah which says "mene boht struggle kiya hai and "jahan hamare sapne pure hote waha se inka struggle shuru hota hai", and it mixes up with "aap chronology samajhie " Hilarious that was  ......

Life isn't hard?
Ananya Pandey as when her crush accepts her proposal , "Life isnt as hard as people say it " .....
Congo mate , u made it !!!!...


According to our struggler , this meme says , struggle utna hi karo jitna pasand aye ....and that is life ... is it that ???.... Neah. ..

What is "It isnt easy as people say it is" .. why is it with Ananya Pandey ?

 It is linked with that reality show when ananya pandey and Siddhanth Chaturvedi got into a reality show , Ananya specially mentioned in that interview "it isn't easy as people say it is, we star kids struggle too " and that is why , this got into the meme market , and trending ....


This is like that thing ... when parents says , beta padai kro uske bad aish hi aish hai ,and you are literally searching for aishwarya rai after padai... rofl.. 


This is hilarious when the things about political conditions went wrong .
Le: current political condition of india....   

selmon bhai and ananya pandey : Too much fun 

Too much fun together when selmon sir and ananya mam meet together.Aap devil k piche aur devil ap k piche , too much fun...

Now you will find Mene boht struggle kiya hai memes :


There is always a word war between a single and fuckboii.. and you know what why single is single - - "apni shakal se" ... ROFL ..    


This is the real struggle of boys .. it isnt easy as people say it is yrr.. our fingers travel miles to find a perfect video to masturbate. ...Phewww....!!!! we struggle hard.


Internet explorer memes are lit af .. and this struggle is very hard when you have to use internet explorer to download chrome .. 90's kids faced this ..

reality show exists :  le struggler -

Reality show wala meme is just legit .. when you have real struggle story but you have to modify to make people cry to gain sympathy so that you will definitely win the reality show . Rofl.... 


Ananya pandey and siddhanth chaturvedi are just making it together trending one. Siddhanth doesn't look happy in this huh ...?


Siddhanth and Ananya making it goals for cat and girl .. lmao...


Loki hasn't met this girl ever , meanwhile struggle didnt touch ananya pandey at all . Does struggle touch you ?? 

'Abba harmonium bajate the' feat Ananya Pandey and Siddhanth Chaturvedi:

abba harmonium bajate the goals fulfilled by Siddhanth and ananya

Abba jo the walid hamare , woh harmonium chhod k mare the , Toh abba harmonium bajate the ?
Nahi abba harmonium khate the ... abey saale ..    This is lit when ananya pandey and siddhanth did it together.


When zakir bhai met struggle girl , hain ? acha ? sacchi ? lmfao....


Ky aap science students hain .. ?? agar han to aap ko mubarak ho .. aap jindagi bhar k lie single hain


Does ananya pandey making the right conclusion .. what if newton didn't find gravity , Rupee can not fall whoa mam ,, you are genius..    

Struggle krte jao , bada bante jao 

When you give all your stuff to your daughters spend all on your daughter just to make your daughter feel comfortable and she dont have to do struggle and she said mene boht struggle kiya hai . 
Le father :  .... 

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