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Phir Hera Pheri Memes || Iconic dialogue meme of Phir Hera Pheri Film

Phir hera pheri Meme #ruling the charts


Phir hera pheri is a Indian comedy film which is in recent time becomes so popular because of memers (who creates meme) people in India loving the memes related to phir hera pheri movie .
basically in this movie there is a lot of actor are present nut some of them becomes too famous because of this,
even the superstar of present time Akshay kumar gain popularity after this film of him ,

 Paresh Raval have name in industry before this film but after this film he also get famous for his character Baburao Ganpatrao Aapte.

over beloved anna Sunil sheety  also got some popularity after this film 

even the people who only deliver 1-2 dailogue  get famous 

Famous dialogue of this film 

Akshay kumar #raju famous dailogue in this film

*Ae 50 rupay kaat overacting kai

*25 din mai paisa double

*ae mere ko toh andar lo

*kidney mai heart attack

*paisa hi paisa hoga

*tu jah yah se yh scheme tere liye nahin hai

Paresh raval #baburao famous dailogue

*ae mere ko toh aisa dhak dhak ho re la hai 

* ae raju khopdi tod sale ka

*ae sharam nhi aata hai tero ko

*iska toh game bajana padega 

*re tu phir aa gya tu ja nah re baba jaa

*aa tujhe sandas dikhata hu

*laa babab 5 crore

*sala meroko itna chota diya

*mai toh tereko harami samajta tha par tu toh devta nikla re

some other dailogue

*ae kya tutul putal hai 

*kadak maal h 

*mere anuradha kabhi jhooth nhi bol skti

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phir hera pheri 

baburao meme

ek ka double

ae sharam nahi ati teko

baburao got no chill

laa baba 5 crore

phir hera phir meme raju meme 

25 din  mai paisa double

kidney mai heart attack

paisa hi paisa hoga

50 rupay kaat overacting ka

ye scheme tere liye nhi h

Some other famous dailgoue of phir hera pheri meme

kadak he

mere anuradha kabhi jhooth nhi bol sakti

ae kya tutul putal

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